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The Resource Monitor evaluates alert rules and threshold violations on collected data and enables automatic alerting, as detailed in the Monitoring system resources section.

Navigate to Administration > ETL & SYSTEM TASKS > System tasks and in the working area on the right, click the appropriate resource monitor name available in the System tasks table. In the Run configurations table, click Edit to enter the advanced configuration page. To display all the available properties and the following three tabs, click Advanced (advanced features are marked by (blue star)):

General configuration

In this tab, in addition to general settings such as name, environment and description. You can edit the Alert list property, which is a list of alerts that the monitor observes.

Resource Monitor task - general configuration

Additional information

You can also assign alerts to a Resource Monitor task by editing all related alerts and setting their generation schedule property to the new monitor; for more information, see Resource Monitor.

(blue star) Advanced options

This tab lets you set advanced schedule configuration options.

Resource Monitor task - scheduling options

Customized execution date

This tab lets you customize the execution interval by setting the following parameters:

  • Start date: The first day this task will be executed.
  • Stop date: The last day this task will run.

Resource Monitor task - customized execution date