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The Assisted MIGration Offering (AMIGO) program provides steps and guidance to help you upgrade from an earlier version of TrueSight Capacity Optimization to a later version in a smooth and informed way. AMIGO offers advisory assistance when upgrading or migrating the product. You can open an AMIGO case with BMC Customer Support

For details of the program, see Upgrade guidance for TrueSight Capacity Optimization using the BMC AMIGO program.

An AMIGO case falls under the following categories:

  • Starter: Initial case that includes a questionnaire for existing and projected environment information, installation deadlines, instructions on providing upgrade precheck reports, and interactive questions and answers from BMC Customer Support.
  • Implementation: Follows the AMIGO: Starter case.  Provides monitoring and post-installation checkup. 

Review the following documentation topics prior to opening your AMIGO case and provide the required information to BMC Customer Support: