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The following table lists the topics that help you prepare for installing BMC Server Automation.

Download the installation files

The first task is to obtain the files you need for installation from the BMC Software Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website.

Downloading the installation files

Review requirements

Review the installation requirements, based on installation platform (and installation method):

Requirements for installing on Microsoft Windows

Requirements for installing on UNIX and Linux

Set up the database

BMC Server Automation requires a database, which you must provide before installing the product. Learn how to set up the database.

Setting up an Oracle database for BMC Server Automation 

Setting up a SQL Server database and user for BMC Server Automation 

Configure the file server

Learn how to configure the file server, which is used to store the contents of files included in snapshots, Network Shell scripts, BLPackages, software packages, and other types of information that is not easily stored in the database.

Configure the file server