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BMC Server Automation provides a single installer for all installation and upgrade scenarios within the BMC Server Automation environment. The unified product installer provides a simple installation experience through a centralized UI for installation and upgrade of most BMC Server Automation components.

The following topics provide information about installing and uninstalling the product using the unified product installer:


Understanding nodes

Learn about nodes and how they are used to group components during the installation process.

Requirements for installing on Microsoft Windows

Requirements for installing on UNIX and Linux

Learn about all checks you need to make before you run the unified product installer based on the platform you are using.

Setting up the Default Application Server node

Learn how to install the default Application Server node by using the wizard-based unified product installer.

Installing the default Application Server node silentlyLearn how to perform a silent installation of the default Application Server node using the unified product installer.
Adding additional Application Servers

Learn how to add an additional server for scaling the BMC Server Automation environment and improving the performance of BMC Server Automation.

Uninstalling using the unified product installer

Learn how to uninstall BMC Server Automation after it was installed with the unified product installer.