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The BMC BladeLogic Rapid Deployment Stack for Servers (BladeLogic RDS) is a virtual appliance that includes a BMC Server Automation Application Server and other key components pre-installed. The BladeLogic RDS also has the following options for the database:

  • Oracle XE is pre-bundled for those who want to get started without having to configure a separate database.
  • Database dumps for Oracle and SQL Server for those who prefer to externally configure a database.

The BladeLogic RDS also contains:

  • A Webmin utility home page that heps you administer the system, along with the installers for the console and agent bundles. The home page has references to product guides, best practices, and community content for quick assistance.
  • BladeLogic ZipKits that contain system packages for provisioning, operation utilities for configuration changes, and server compliance packages for Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • The latest regulatory compliance templates for CIS, SOX, PCI, DISA and HIPAA
  • Agent bundles and installers jobs for simplifying the process of server enrollment.
  • A quick start guide

For more detailed information about the BladeLogic RDS, see Understanding the BladeLogic RDS.

The following table provides a high-level description of the process to install, configure, and use the BladeLogic RDS, and includes links to topics with detailed instructions.

Review the requirementsBefore you install and configure the BladeLogic RDS for Servers, review the requirements.
Download the required zip file from the EPD websiteDownload the required zip file from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website, unzip it, and save it in the local drive.
This file contains the preconfigured Open Virtualization Format (OVF) template.
Install the BladeLogic RDSLog on to the VMware vSphere Client to deploy the downloaded OVF template to the ESX server available in the VMware vSphere Client.
From the VMware vSphere Client, deploy the OVF template by following a wizard. Once the OVF template is deployed, a Linux virtual machine is created.

Access the BladeLogic RDS

Log on to the BladeLogic RDS Webmin utility.

Configure the BladeLogic RDS components

Configure the Application Server, File Server, and database for BMC Server Automation.

Use BladeLogic RDS to control the BMC Server Automation environment

Run BMC Server Automation from the BladeLogic RDS.

If you have issues while installing or configuring the BladeLogic RDS, see Troubleshooting the BladeLogic RDS for more information.


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