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The following commands downloads patches using filters defined in the configuration file.

To download patches using defined filters for Microsoft Windows

To run the patch downloader utility, you have the option of using windows_downloader.bat on a Windows machine or on a UNIX machine.

On the command line, enter the following command:

windows_downloader.bat| -configFile <downloaderConfigurationFilePath>
This command uses the following variable:


Enter the location of the Configuration File used by the Patch Downloader. This is a Windows path and it must be enclosed within double quotes if the path contains a space in it.

For example:

"c:\temporary folder\config.xml"


windows_downloader.bat -configFile c:\tmp\config.xml -configFile ./tem/config.xml


  • To obtain more information about the proper syntax to use in downloader commands, you can use the -help option:
    windows_downloader.bat -help
  • To obtain more information about the offline patch download utility version, supported products and languages, or to export patch metadata from Shavlik, see Additional commands for Microsoft Windows Patch Downloader utility.

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