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You can browse a Solaris zones server to review a variety of server objects (such as project, resource pool, and configuration information) related to the Solaris zones virtual environment.

To browse a Solaris zones server

Prior to browsing Solaris virtual assets, you must have distributed the Solaris configuration object to the global zone running the Solaris agent, as described in Setting up BMC Server Automation for virtual environments.

  1. In the Servers folder, navigate to a Solaris zones server.
  2. Right-click the server and select Browse.
  3. In the Live Browse tab or the content editor, expand the Live node.
  4. Expand the Global Zones server object type to display the nodes.
    The following table describes the structure of the global zones server object type.



    Non-global Zones

    This view displays all nonglobal zones. For each nonglobal zone, the content editor displays:

    • Zone Hardware — Displays information about CPU, devices, memory statistics, and network configuration.
    • Zone Options — Displays zone attributes, inherited packages, and Zone resource controls.
    • Zone Storage — Displays information about zone datasets and Zone file systems.
    • Zone General — Displays general information about the zone, such as zone path, auto boot value, privileges and zone type.


    Displays the settings and attributes for each project.

    Resource Pools

    Displays resource pool information such as processor set data (pset name, system ID, maximum and minimum CPU settings) and pool information.