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The Properties panel provides a list of properties automatically assigned to a Snapshot Job. In this list, you can modify the value of any properties that are defined as editable.

For any property that has a check in the Editable column, select the property and click in the Value column.

  • To set a property value back to its default value, click Reset to Default Value .
    The value of the property is reset to the value it inherits from a built-in property class. The Value Source column shows the property class from which the value is inherited.
  • Depending on the type of property you are editing, you can take different actions to set a new value, such as entering an alphanumeric string, choosing from an enumerated list, or selecting a date.
    To insert a parameter into the value, enter the value, bracketed with double question mark delimiters (for example, ??MYPARAMETER??) or click Select Property .

Properties and dependencies when packaging

The property called DEPENDENCY_LIST lets you specify dependencies a software package may have on other software packages. This property lets you select as a value one or more other software packages in the Depot. For example, if you are deploying a package called Patch_A, and it depends on another package called Patch_B, you can use the DEPENDENCY_LIST property to specify Patch_B as a dependency. A BLPackage containing these software packages orders them automatically according to their dependencies. (In other words, Patch_B is positioned before Patch_A in the BLPackage.) You can also manually instruct a BLPackage to order its contents according to dependencies. Note that if the Depot includes multiple software packages named identically, a dependency is based on the particular software package you specify using the DEPENDENCY_LIST property.


When defining a dependency list, make sure that the default value for the DEPENDENCY_LIST property that is assigned to a software package does not include that software package as a dependency. In other words, the DEPENDENCY_LIST property for Patch_A should not have a default value that includes Patch_A. Use the Property Dictionary to define a default value for the DEPENDENCY_LIST property.