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This topic describes how to log on to the Webmin utility interface for the BMC Bladelogic Rapid Deployment Stack (Bladelogic RDS) for and provides an overview of the interface options. This topic includes the following sections:

To log on to the Bladelogic RDS

  1. From a web browser, enter https://bladelogicrds as the address.
    The Bladelogic RDS login page is displayed.
  2. Enter the following credentials:
    1. User name: root
    2. Password (case sensitive): bsaAdm1n 
    If you are a non-root user, you can log on to Webmin utility using your UNIX credentials. As a non-root user, you will have limited privileges on the Bladelogic RDS and will not be able to affect files or directories in the system directories, grant or revoke user privileges, or install software that requires writing to system directories. 

    The following figure shows the Webmin utility welcome page.

Overview of the interface options

The following table provides a list of the options available in the Webmin utility, identifies what the option links to (if applicable), and provides a link for additional information about executing the use cases associated with the option.

OptionLinks toAdditional information
Left pane configuration optionsOptions to configure the Bladelogic RDSConfiguring the BladeLogic RDS components
System InformationBladelogic RDS welcome pageSummarizes OS, hostname, version information
BladeLogic Installers  

Console/Client Installers

BBSACONSOLE<bsaVersion>-WIN64.exe, executable file to install and launch BMC Server Automation console on Windows host


Navigating the interface

BMC Server Automation Console elements

Agent Installers

Select the Linux 64bit link to open RSCD<bsaVersion>-LIN64.rpm fileInstalling one or more agents using the BMC Server Automation Console

Database Dump

Executable files for database dumps for BMC Server Automation and the BladeLogic Portal

Downloads for Oracle or SQL Server, depending on which BladeLogic RDS deployment option you selected.

Note that the BladeLogic RDS comes pre-installed with Oracle XE database that you can use out of the box. However, because Oracle XE cannot be scaled easily, you may need to configure an external Oracle or SQL database server using the database dump files. For more information about configuring an external database, see Configuring the BladeLogic RDS components.


Microsoft online technical documentation article.

Setting up a PsExec server

The installation files are available under 
/usr/libexec/ webmin/ Downloads directory of the BladeLogic RDS.

Console Client Connection Profile and LoginSummarizes profile and login information 

BMC BladeLogic Dashboard 8.6.00 (Build 215)

Links to Health and Value Dashboard interface

Health and Value Dashboard

The dashboard can be accessed through the link on the Webmin page or through port 10006, using the following URL:

BMC BladeLogic Portal V2.0

Links to BladeLogic Portal interface

BMC BladeLogic PortalThe BladeLogic Portal is accessed through port 12006 using the following URL:  http://bladelogicrds:12006
You are prompted to log on with your Portal credentials.



Requirements for deploying the BladeLogic RDS

BMC Server Automation

Health and Value Dashboard

BMC BladeLogic Portal

Links to the relevant wiki guides

Best Practices

Links to the BMC Server Automation (BladeLogic) Best Practices Webinar Series on BMC Communities.

Past sessions have included the areas of deployment, maintenance, value realization, patching, compliance and change tracking


Links to Blade ZipKits that are currently available on BMC Communities.BMC Server Automation ZipKits provide BLPackages for common enterprise applications and databases.


Links to the following BMC Server Automation videos.Available in BMC Communities

BSA 8.2 Initial Install - Initial Database SetupThis video shows how to create the BSA core database, extract the database schema files, and execute the schema to create the database. 

BMC Server Automation 8.2: File Server Agent and Application Server Initial Install

This video shows how to install the File Server Agent and the Application Server. 


BMC Server Automation 8.2: Console Install and Application Server Setup

This video shows how to install the GUI, and how to do some initial setup on the application server, including running blcontent.


How to configure the BladeLogic RSCD agent to listen on a non-standard port

This video shows how to deploy and configure the RSCD agent to listen on a non-standard port.


Links to BMC Support email and BMC CommunitiesJoin technical discussions and network with other users, experts, and community members at BMC Communities or mail

Where to go from here

Configuring the BladeLogic RDS components

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