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BMC Decision Support – Network Automation includes the following enhancements in version 8.2.00.

Use of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform

BMC Decision Support – Network Automation now uses the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform reporting. This represents a shift from the previous use of the Cognos reporting platform.

The use of SAP BusinessObjects BI results in the adoption of a common reporting platform for Business Service Management products.

Significant performance improvements

The metadata model has been reorganized and several improvements made to streamline the model. This has resulted in significant performance improvements in running reports.

Management tasks via Central Management Console

You use the BusinessObjects Central Management Console to configure product security and deploy reports to the BusinessObjects BI server. You use it for many other application administration tasks. For details, see Accessing the Central Management Console.

Report access via BI launch pad

In this release, you access and view reports using the SAP BusinessObjects BI launch pad web application. For details, see Navigating the interface and Viewing reports.

Report creation and customization using the SAP BusinessObjects BI Web Intelligence application and the universe as a data source

All data that you need for creating and customizing reports is stored in a BusinessObjects BI universe. For details, see BMC Decision Support -- Network Automation universe.

If you used earlier versions of BMC Decision Support -- Network Automation, the universe replaces the Cognos model.

Common installer for BMC Decision Support products

A new installer allows you to install BMC Decision Support – Network Automation and BMC Decision Support – Database Automation. You can install products individually or at the same time. For details, see Installing.

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