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BMC Capacity Optimization allows you to predict the service performance and obtain forecasts of historical series of metrics, including deep details on the modeling techniques used in forecasts and how to interpret the results of model executions.

Examples of common forecasts you can obtain include:

  • Predicting the resource utilization of systems and business drivers.
  • Estimating the saturation date.


A model is a simplified mathematical description of service components that evaluates historical data, predicts future behavior, and simulates what-if scenarios. Models are always built on existing data and analysis.

After you create a model, you define scenarios to perform multiple predictions under different conditions.

You can manage the following types of models in BMC Capacity Optimization:

For information about how to use models, see Managing BMC Capacity Optimization models.


A scenario is an operating condition for a model. It defines the environment and the input parameters for a particular model solution. Running a model within a scenario predicts the behavior of entities for a particular condition.


A Golden analysis allows you to schedule its execution (for example, daily) and publish custom statistics with which you can trace the trend of the results. For more information, see Custom stats.