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November 12, 2020Announcing Adobe Flash End-of-Life impact on TrueSight Operations Management, App Visibility Manager, and Real End User Experience Monitoring – Software Edition.
June 21, 2017NA
Topics that describe the integration with the BMC Dashboards for BSM product were removed from the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Open link documentation. This integration is not supported
19 March 2016App Visibility portal or collector data is deleted if the database reaches 90% of the defined maximum data storage sizeAdjust database retention parameters to prevent version 10.1 of the App Visibility portal or App Visibility collector from deleting all data from the database when it nears maximum size.
26 October 201610.1.00.001: Fix Pack 1Fix Pack 1 for TrueSight Operations Management 10.1.
19 March 2016Infrastructure Management – PATROL Repository 10.0.03

This release of the repository contains updates to the following monitoring solutions:

  • BMC PATROL for AIX 1.0.00 Open link
  • BMC PATROL for Oracle 9.7.00 Open link
  • BMC PATROL for SAP Solution Manager Open link
  • BMC PATROL for iSeries 4.0 Open link
  • BMC PATROL for Microsoft Exchange Servers 6.1.00 Open link
  • BMC PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers 4.9.00 Open link
  • BMC PATROL for Microsoft Cluster Server 1.9.20 Open link
28 December 2015Hotfix 1010001Hotfix 1010001 released to fix defects QM001886940, QM001887891, QM001887890, QM001891741, and TOM-15745
25 December 2015Deprecated support for App Visibility agent for .NET on Windows 2003Describes a change in third-party software support.
26 November 201510.1.00 enhancements

Enhancements available in this release:

  • Console name change from TrueSight Operations Management to TrueSight
  • New dashlets
  • New dashboard global filters
  • Enhancement to the event preferences menu
  • New event groups filter type
  • View events from a remote cell on the TrueSight console
  • Manually set up end-user monitoring
  • API for retrieving data from App Visibility Manager
  • Support for applications running on Java 1.8
  • Support for IPv6 for high availability deployments
  • Support for newer versions of operating systems
  • Cross-launch to BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics using SSO token
  • Performance and scalability improvements
  • Presentation Server modularization architecture
  • Presentation Server self-monitoring through email alerts
  • Synthetic script management improvements
  • Synthetic execution plan improvements
  • Synthetic configuration migration from TrueSight AM console

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