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The events table view on the Events page provides an overview of events. You can customize the information that is displayed in the events table view.

On the Events page, click the action menu and select Edit Table View.

The current columns, column width, and column view order is displayed.

Customizing the view

The following illustration describes the Edit Table page:

You can add or remove columns, change the column width, and change the column view order.

To add or remove a column

  1. To remove a column from the event table view, click in the corresponding row.
    A gray icon indicates that the column is a required one and cannot be removed from the view.
  2. To add a column, click Add Column.
    1. Select an event class from the list or search for the event class.


      If your event source is a remote cell (indicated by the icon ), only the event classes and slots that are defined in the Infrastructure Management Server cells are available.

    2. Based on the event class, select the columns that you require from the available columns displayed.
      Repeat steps a and b to add more columns.
    3. Select Add to confirm or Cancel to start over again.

To change the column width

  1. For the column for which you want to change the width, click the width percentage.
  2. In the Column Width window, enter the new width in percentage or pixels.
    The valid ranges are 3% - 999% or 30 pixels - 999 pixels.
  3. After you have entered the new value, click the X in the top right corner to save and close the window. 

To change the column view order

For the column that you want to move, select and drag the icon to the new position.


  1. Hello 

    I have two questions:

    1. How do I change the displayed table columns globaly for all users?
    2. What is the user right wich allows to change the displayed comlums?




    1. Hello Patrick,

      Thank you for your comment and questions. Here are the responses:

      • How do I change the displayed table columns globaly for all users?
        Answer: The table columns are customized for the logged-in user and cannot be customized for all users (globally).

      • What is the user right wich allows to change the displayed comlums?
        Answer: The permission that allows user to change the columns is Create and edit User Event List Column Selector under TrueSight Infrastructure; Category=EVENT; Element=Events.

      Hope this helps.



  2. Hi Alka

    The role which applies to the user in question has the user right "Create and edit User Event List Column Selector" but cannot change the table view. The menu-point "Edit Table View" is not displayed in the menu. Is there a user right which is a prerequisite?




    1. Hello Patrick,

      I checked the permission name again.

      Please note the permission should be: Create and edit Global Event List Column Selector (Not Create and edit User Event List Column Selector) - Sorry about the confusion.

      Can you please check whether this permission is enabled for the role that applies to the user? With this permission, the "Edit Table View" option should be available.



  3. Why ist the "Global" when it is individual for each user?

    1. Hello Patrick,

      I agree that the permission name is somewhat misleading in that the permission applies locally, at an individual user-level.

      I will forward your feedback to the R&D team for their consideration in future releases.