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Rule-based groups are groups that are created based on specific conditions or criteria that you specify. Only those devices and monitors that match the conditions you specify are added to the group.

To create a rule-based group

  1. Go to Configuration > Groups and click action menu next to Group Configuration.


    The Create Rule Based Group icon is visible only on the Manual Groups tab. You cannot perform add, update, or delete operations on synchronized groups because these groups are automatically synchronized from Infrastructure Management.

  2. Click Create Rule Based Group.
    Because you are creating a rule-based group, the Type field displays Rule Based Group. Specify information as per the following table:

    Field nameDescription
    Group NameA name for the group you are creating. The group name must be within 256 characters.
    DescriptionA brief description of what the group was created for.
    Parent GroupsIf you want the group to be a child of another group, select the parent group. You can choose more than one parent group.
    Child Groups

    If you want the group to be a parent group, select the child groups that must belong to this group. You can choose more than one child group.

    RulesSpecify the condition based on which the group must be created. For example, if you specify that the device name must equal "aus", all devices that contain "aus" as part of their names are added to the group. If you specify that the monitor name must contain "pan", all monitors that have "pan" in their names are added to the group.
  3. Click the + sign to add one more rule to the group. The "OR" condition is automatically added when you add more than rule. For example, if you specify conditions such as those present in the following figure, it means that devices whose names contain "aus" or monitors whose names are "pan" are added to the group.

    You can click the - sign to remove a condition.
  4. Click Preview to view the devices and monitors that are added to the group.
  5. Click Save.

To update a rule-based group

Perform the following steps to update an existing static group:   

  1. Go to Configuration > Groups.
    All the parent groups are displayed in the Group Configuration page. 
  2. Expand the group name of the group that you want to update. If you want to update a child group, navigate to the child group name and expand it.
  3. Click the action menu  next to the group name and select Edit Group.
  4. Make the required update.
    You can add or remove parent groups, child groups, assigned devices, and monitor instances.
  5. Click Save.

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