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Follow these steps to verify that the installation was successful:

  1. Run the following commands to verify that all processes are running:


    #source /usr/pw/pronto/bin/.tmcsh
    pw system status

    A list of pw server processes is displayed which is similar to the following sample:
    # pw system status
    Servers/Daemon Processes
    services 4820
    httpd 6152
    jserver 10660
    pronet_agent 4680
    pronet_cntl 3968
    tunnelproxy 7792
    rate 3976
    dbsrv 6560
    mcell 4952
    acell 4916
    pserver 4217
  2. Review the output for errors.

    Processes that are not running properly are denoted by a numbered error message, such as 961 > max 1
    Processes that are not running at all are denoted by !Not Running!.

  3. If errors occur, restart the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server by running the following command:

    pw system start
    If error conditions persist, contact BMC Software customer support for assistance.