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Verify that the App Visibility server upgrade was successful by reviewing the log entries added during the upgrade, and examining the server processes and services.

Before you begin

You must have upgraded the App Visibility server components as described in Performing the App Visibility server upgrade or Performing the App Visibility server upgrade silently.

To verify that the App Visibility server upgrade was successful

After the upgrade is complete, a successful upgrade is indicated in the wizard or on the command window. Use the following procedure to confirm or troubleshoot the upgrade of the server components. 

  1. Access the adopserver_install_log.txt file, which is located in the %temp% directory (Windows) or /tmp directory (Linux).
    Check for warnings or errors. If no error messages are present, the installation was successful.
  2. According to what you have upgraded, verify that the App Visibility server components are running.
    • (Windows) Run services.msc and verify that services are running:
      • BMC App Visibility Collector
      • BMC App Visibility Portal
      • BMC App Visibility PostgreSQL
      • BMC App Visibility Proxy
    • (Linux) Run the following commands to verify that the processes are running:

      ps -ea|grep adop_collectord
      ps -ea|grep adop_portald
      ps -ea|grep adop_apm_proxyd
      ps -ea|grep av_pgsqld
  3. Check for errors reported in the App Visibility log files in the following locations:
    • Windows
      • serverInstallationDirectory\collector\logs\collector.log
      • serverInstallationDirectory\portal\logs\portal.log
      • serverInstallationDirectory\apm-proxy\logs\apm-proxy.log
    • Linux
      • serverInstallationDirectory/collector/logs/collector.log
      • serverInstallationDirectory/portal/logs/portal.log
      • serverInstallationDirectory/apm-proxy/logs/apm-proxy.log
  4. Examine the portal status in the Components page of the TrueSight console.

Where to go from here

Add App Visibility to the TrueSight console, if you have not already done so.

Upgrade the App Visibility agents:

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