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Ensure that you restore the mcell.dir file that you had backed up before upgrading the Integration service.

For Microsoft Windows, to verify that the Integration Service is running, ensure that the Integration Service Ver x.xbuild yyyy (portNumber) service status is started. If the Infrastructure Management Integration Service Ver x.xbuild yyyy (portNumber) service is not running, start it.

For Linux, to verify that the Integration Service is running, navigate to the installationDirectory/pw/pronto/bin/ directory, and run the pw agent status command. Verify that the tsim_agent process is listed. If the tsim_agent process is not listed, run the pw agent start command. This command restarts all the Integration Service processes.

If any exceptions occur, check the following log files that are stored on the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server at installationDirectory\pw\pronto\logs:

  • TrueSight.log
  • TSIMAgent.log

If you are not able to identify the problem, contact BMC customer support for assistance.