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You can upgrade multiple Integration Services, one at a time. However, you cannot launch multiple Integration Service upgrades simultaneously.

If you launch multiple Integration Service upgrades sequentially, keep only the initial installation window open, and close the remaining windows.

The routine does not ask for the Integration Service port number.

Consider the following guidelines:

  • Having multiple Integration Services on a single computer puts an additional load on the computer in terms of CPU, IO, Memory, and TCP buffer.
  • When you upgrade multiple Integration Services on a single computer, you also upgrade the cell that was installed with the first Integration Service.
  • The computer requires time to upgrade information. BMC recommends that you wait a minimum of five seconds between Integration Service upgrades.
  • In a multiple Integration Service scenario, only one cell is installed or upgraded per host system.


If you are upgrading the cell on AIX and using DB2 Database monitors, after the upgrade script is finished, copy the libdb2.a library from the DB2 Administration Client installation directory (installationDirectory/sqllib/lib) to the /usr/lib directory, and restart the Integration Service.