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Sometimes changes between the earlier versions and the current version can cause issues or changes with thresholds, the user interface, and reports.

For other upgrade issues, see Known and corrected issues.

The following table provides potential upgrade issues with thresholds, the user interface, or reports, and also provides workarounds for these issues:

Restoring the earlier version of TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server if the upgrade fails

When you upgrade the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server to 10.7, the installer automatically backs up the installation and configuration files of the earlier Infrastructure Management installation in the <installation directory>10.x folder, where x is the version number that you are upgrading from. For example, TrueSight10.5.

However, the SAP SQL Anywhere and Cell database files are not copied into the folder. BMC recommends that you back up the SAP SQL Anywhere and Cell database files before upgrading the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. For information about backing up the SAP SQL Anywhere database and the cell configuration files, see Prerequisites for Infrastructure Management upgrade.

If the upgrade fails, complete the following tasks to restore the last working version of TrueSight Management Server:

  1. Make sure all the processes are stopped.
  2. Rename the current <installation directory> folder to <installation directory>_bad.
  3. Rename <installation deirectory>10.x folder to <installation directory>.
    For example, rename TrueSight10.5 to TrueSight.
  4. Perform the following tasks:
    • Copy the SAP SQL Anywhere and cell database files that you backed up earlier.
    • Ensure that system environment variables such as BMC_PROACTIVENET_HOMEMCELL_HOME, and point to the renamed folder.
    • In the renamed folder, copy the BPPMServerInstalledConfiguration.xml file that you backed up before starting the upgrade process.
    • Remove the upgrade entry from the ProductRegistry.xml file. Ensure that the file contains the correct entry of the previously installed version.
    • For Windows, ensure that the registry entry points to the renamed folder, and it contains the correct entry of the previously installed version

A java.lang.NumberFormatException appears after upgrade

The pw\custom\pronet.conf file does not end with a new line.

User Response:
Open the pw\custom\pronet.conf file, and add a new line at the end. (Press Enter.)

Reusing customized local actions after upgrading

You can reuse customized local actions after upgrading BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.

User Response:
You can reuse customized local actions by completing one of the following procedures:
Procedure 1

  1. Extract the localactions.jar file from the location to which you copied it during the upgrade.
  2. Open the LocalAction.xml file and copy all customized local actions to installationDirectory\tomcat\webapps\localaction\localactions.jar. When copying customized local actions, replace all the <Role> tags with the <UserGroup> tag. Change the values of roles to groups because from this version of Infrastructure Management onwards, permission to access any local action depends on user groups.
  3. Run the pw system start command to restart TrueSight Infrastructure Management server.

    Procedure 2
    1. Backup the localactions.jar file from the installationDirectory\tomcat\webapps\localaction.

    2. Copy the localactions.jar file from the location to which you copied it during the upgrade, and save it in the inatallationDirectory\tomcat\webapps\localaction location.

    3. Open installationDirectory\custom\conf\pronet.conf and add the following property: collectorPermissionBasedOn=2

    4. Run the following command on the client system to delete the .jar files related to the earlier versions of local actions:
    javaws -viewer

Validation error message as 'More swap space required'


During upgrade, the installer validates the swap space and if there is less swap space as compared to the recommended space, the installer throws the validation error message as 'More swap space required'.

User Response:
Increase the swap space and run the upgrade again. For more information, refer the following links:

Integration Service is stopped after Infrastructure Management installation

When the Infrastructure Management Server and Integration Service is installed on a same Linux computer, after you upgrade the Infrastructure Management Server, the Integration Service is stopped. You must start the Integration Service manually.

While upgrading Infrastructure Management Server on Linux, the console displays an exception

On a Linux computer, when you upgrade to Infrastructure Management Server 10.7, the console displays the following exception:

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.ClassCastException: sun.awt.image.BufImgSurfaceData cannot be cast to sun.java2d.xr.XRSurfaceData
at sun.java2d.xr.XRPMBlitLoops.cacheToTmpSurface(
at sun.java2d.xr.XrSwToPMBlit.Blit(

This exception is displayed due to a known JRE issue. You can ignore it.