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The Rate process does not start on any of the HA nodes

Due to cache replication issues, the Rate process may not start on any of the HA nodes. A null-pointer exception is also displayed in the TrueSight.log file.

As a workaround, perform the following steps:

  1. Stop the standby node first and then stop the active node.
  2. Back up the federatedcacheserver-transport-tcp.xml and clustermanager.xml files in the installedDirectory\pw\pronto\conf folder on both nodes.
  3. Edit the installedDirectory\pw\pronto\conf\federatedcacheserver-transport-tcp.xml file and update the FD, VERIFY_SUSPECT elements timeout value to 30000 and FD element max_tries to 9

    <FD max_tries="9" timeout="30000"/>
    <VERIFY_SUSPECT timeout="30000"/>

  4. Edit the installedDirectory\pw\pronto\conf\clustermanager.xml file and update FD element timeout value to 30000, FD max_tries to 9 and num_msgs to 5.

    <FD max_tries="9" timeout="30000"/>
    <VERIFY_SUSPECT timeout="30000" num_msgs="5"/>

  5. Ensure that you perform steps 3 and 4 on both nodes.
  6. Start the previously active node first.
  7. After the node is up and running and you are able to access the operator console, restart the other node. 

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