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    This topic provides sizing summaries for Infrastructure Management environments that incorporate data collection for the Presentation Server.

    It is important to estimate the size of your deployment correctly because the steps you follow and the design elements vary depending on the size of the deployment. Use the following sizing and scaling recommendations to prevent oversizing or undersizing your deployment.

    The values provided represent the maximum values recommended for each environment type. The number of components connected to the Presentation Server can vary depending on the deployment type and do not affect these values.

    Sizing chart for data collection by one Presentation Server


    POC or Demo MediumLarge

    Number of devices


    Number of events per day766662428


    Number of groups2

    Monitored Instances100,000750,0001,250,000
    Number of users50150150
    Number of concurrent users10100100
    Number of PATROL Agent Access Control Lists (ACLs)20010001000
    Number of roles50250250
    Number of user groups75300300
    Number of authorization profiles75150150
    Number of App Visibility Manager (APM) agents50010001500
    Number of enabled Infrastructure policies1005001000

    1. The total number of events per day that a Presentation Server can handle includes intelligent events, external events, and App Visibility server events.

    2. The test environment had only one group with 50,000 monitor instances and all other groups had an average of 100 monitor instances only. Groups consisted of both auto-sync and manual groups.


    For information about the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management sizing and scalability considerations, see Sizing and scalability considerations for Infrastructure Management.

    Sizing details for KM deployment and PATROL Agent upgrades

    For deploying packages and upgrading PATROL Agents, the maximum number of PATROL Agents supported per deployment job is 500.

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