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By default, TrueSight Infrastructure Management and its associated components use Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions earlier than TLS 1.2 to communicate with each other. You can upgrade the security in your enterprise environment by using TLS 1.2 to communicate with TrueSight Infrastructure Management components. Following installation of the TrueSight Infrastructure Management components, you can switch from the default inter-component security configuration to TLS 1.2 configuration.


To enable TLS communication among Infrastructure Management components

Before configuring TLS 1.2, ensure that you have completed creating and importing security certificates among the components. The following workflow diagram explains the steps involved to achieve the same.


The following table describes the steps and the relevant links: 

Step #Description

This step guides you to create and import private certificates for TrueSight Operations Management components.

For more information, see Implementing private certificates in TrueSight Operations Management.

2This step provides you step-by-step instructions to configure TLS 1.2 among the Infrastructure Management components. For more information, see Configuring TrueSight Infrastructure Management to enable TLS 1.2


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