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Security certificates play a significant role in securing the infrastructure environment. You must create and apply a security certificate on your servers to initiate a secure session with the browsers. After a successful implementation of the security certificate, you can observe that the HTTP changes to HTTPS format on your browser address bar, as shown in the following screenshot:


To export a PDF that comprises the certificate implementation process for all TrueSight components, click here.


In the certificate documentation, the terms private and signed certificates are used interchangeably.

Best Practice

To add the transport layer protection and to secure the communication between TrueSight Operations Management components, BMC recommends the following actions:

  • Replace the self-signed certificates with CA-signed certificates for all the TrueSight Operations Management components.  
  • Configure TLS communication between the TrueSight Operations Management components. 

For more information about how to create signed certificates for the TrueSight Operations Management components, see Implementing private certificates in TrueSight Operations Management.

For more information about how to configure TLS for TrueSight Operations Management components, see Configuring TrueSight Infrastructure Management to enable TLS 1.2.

In TrueSight Operations Management, most of the components, including the server and browsers, require secure communication, as illustrated in the following diagram:

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The following diagram represents the overview of certificate implementation process in TrueSight Operations Management.


For step-by-step instructions on how to create and import signed certificates for each of the components, see Implementing private certificates in TrueSight Operations Management.

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