Maintenance outage for upgrade on Sunday, September 22

This site,, will be inaccessible for two hours starting at 9 AM CDT, Sunday, September 22, for a platform upgrade.

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    When you upgrade the Presentation Server to 10.7, the installer automatically backs up the installation and configuration files of the Presentation Server 10.1 and 10.5 installation in one of the following folders:

    • 10.1
      • (Microsoft WindowsinstallationDirectory\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver_10.1.00
      • (LinuxinstallationDirectory/TrueSightPServer/truesightpserver_10.1.00
    • 10.5
      • (Microsoft WindowsinstallationDirectory\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver_10.5.00
      • (LinuxinstallationDirectory/TrueSightPServer/truesightpserver_10.5.00

    The installer copies all the installation and configuration files of the Presentation Server 10.7 installation in the following folder:

    • (Microsoft Windows) installationDirectory\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver
    • (Linux) installationDirectory/TrueSightPServer/truesightpserver

    If the upgrade is not successful, perform the following steps to restore the earlier version of the Presentation Server:

    1. Stop the Presentation Server if it is running.
    2. Delete the new truesightpserver folder.
    3. Rename the truesightpserver_10.1.00, or truesightpserver_10.5.00 folder as truesightpserver.
    4. (Microsoft Windows) Open regedit and edit the display version settings to 10.1.00 or 10.5.00 stored in the following Windows registry key:

    5. Start the Presentation Server.


    In a high availability deployment, if the upgrade is successful on the Primary server and fails on the Secondary server or the reverse, you must restore the earlier version of both Primary and Secondary servers.