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Before you configure and use the adapter for HP OM, ensure that you have the following prerequisites installed and operating.

The Infrastructure Management adapter for HP OM requires the following component installations on the Integration Services computer for successful data collection:  

  • An HP OM agent 
    • (Microsoft Windows) HP Performance Agent 4.7 
    • (Solaris) HP Performance Agent C.04.70.000 
    • (Linux) HP Performance Agent C.04.71.000 
    • (IBM AIX) HP Performance Agent C.04.70.000 
    • (all platforms) HP Operations Agent 08.52.006 
  • At least one of the local agents must be configured to run the Integration Service.


    BMC does not recommend enabling the Integration Service on the local agent installed with the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.

    You can enable the Integration Service on the remote Agent during or after installation. For more information, see Knowledge Article 000029882 (A Support logon ID is required).


    BMC adapters for PATROL, HP OM, and BMC Performance Manager Portal use the same Integration Services. You can use a single Integration Service for any combination of the adapters.

  • You can use the provided XML files for common SPIs, or edit the files for your specific requirements. You can also create an XML file for custom SPIs. If you plan to use SPI XML files, you must prepare them before you import them into HP OM. For more information, see XML files for SPIs.