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To perform the upgrade, should be an advanced user with good technical understanding and expertise in using the product. To perform the upgrade, BMC recommends that you are an experienced administrator/user with the following skills:

  • Knowledge of the various components
  • Knowledge of network connectivity and communication protocols
  • Knowledge, experience, or both in the design and maintenance of Cell Knowledge Bases (KBs)
  • Experience as a SAP SQL Anywhere or Oracle administrator, depending on the database you use
  • Experience in installing and configuring BMC Atrium components

The following sections describe the prerequisites that you must perform before you upgrade to Infrastructure Management:



Review the general prerequisites such as the system requirements and recommendations.


Back up the database so that you can restore it if the upgrade fails.

Database Prerequisites

Review the requirements for Microsoft .NET Framework.


Migrate the configuration of cells.

Migrating the configuration of cells

Review the prerequisites for Infrastructure Management Server upgradePrerequisites for Infrastructure Management Server upgrade
Review the prerequisites for Integration Service upgradePrerequisites for Integration Service and Remote cell upgrade

General Prerequisites

The following are some of the general prerequisites that you must review before upgrading any of the TrueSight Infrastructure Management components.

  • Ensure that TrueSight Presentation Server version 10.7 is installed.
  • Review the system requirements and recommendations for Infrastructure Management 10.7 and if required, upgrade them
  • Complete a health check. Get help from BMC upgrade experts through the AMIGO program and upgrade only after they confirm that the environment is ready for an upgrade.
  • Ensure to close all the files and folders opened in the current session as well as close other user sessions on the server before starting an upgrade.
  • Update the JAVA_HOME variable with the correct JRE path, that is, %BMC_PROACTIVENET_HOME%\jre (Windows) or $BMC_PROACTIVENET_HOME/jre (Linux). For supported java version, see Third-party product requirements and support for Infrastructure Management.
  • Run the Preinstall check utility.
  • Ensure that the /opt/bmc/ProductRegistry.xml file is present with the installed product details such as the installation directory path and the product version. If the ProductRegistry.xml is not available, contact BMC Support.
  • Read, write, and execute permissions for the  TrueSight Infrastructure Management  installation (destination directory where you are planning to install the product) and /tmp directories.
  • Verify the filesystem that the /tmp directory resides in is mounted with exec option by running the findmnt command. If it shows noexec for /tmp, remount it with exec option. For example, mount -o remount,exec /tmp.
  • On Linux, reserve at least 4 GB of space in the /tmp directory. The X Windows utility is required to launch the upgrade GUI utility.
  • Back up the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server and database. If the servers are on virtual machines, take snapshots of the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server(s) and Integration Service hosts.
  • Back up the <INSTALL-DIR>/BPPMServerInstalledConfiguration.xml file. The BPPMServerInstalledConfiguration.xml file contains all configurations, including user-defined user-defined configurations, of the installed product. You can use this file if the upgrade fails.
  • Manually stop any data providers that are directly connected to the Infrastructure Management Server (for example, Integration Services, event adapters, remote cells). 
  • Publish the host name with the FQDN for all the PATROL Agents.
  • Ensure to stop access to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management SAP SQL Anywhere or Oracle database by other BMC products (For example, BMC TrueSight Operations Management Reporting or BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization) or third party products. Once the upgrade is done, you can resume the access. 
  • Verify that no user is using UNIX consoles to access the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server(s).

  • If you are installing the 10.7 Integration Services on existing Integration Service hosts, ensure enough resources are available.

Database prerequisites 

BMC recommends that you archive the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server database before upgrading to Infrastructure Management 10.7.


You cannot automatically upgrade TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server with a SAP SQL Anywhere database to a TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server with Oracle database or TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server with a Oracle database to a TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server with SAP SQL Anywhere database.

Contact BMC Services Account Manager or BMC Support.

SAP SQL Anywhere database

If you use SAP SQL Anywhere as the database, run the pw database archive command, as shown in the following example:

pw database archive  <archiveDirectory>

archiveDirectory represents the directory where you want to archive the database files. Ensure that the directory has sufficient disk space to store the database. For additional information about the pw database archive command, see pw database archive.


If the upgrade fails, run the pw database restore command to restore the database from the archive directory. For more information about the pw database restore command, see pw database restore.

Oracle database

If you use Oracle database or Oracle RAC as the database, you must back up the Oracle database schema related to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management before upgrading to Infrastructure Management. It allows you to restore the database without any loss of data if the upgrade fails.

Perform the following steps to take the Oracle RAC backup:


Take a backup of the Infrastructure Management server before the upgrade.

  1. Stop TrueSight Infrastructure Management by using the pw system stop command.
  2. Export the schema created for Infrastructure Management by using the EXPDP command. For example, PROACT schema. Take the help of the database administrator to perform this step.

If the TrueSight Infrastructure upgrade fails:

  1. Perform one of the following steps:
    • If you are using a Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), take the database administrator's help to perform a point-in-time recovery.
    • If you have used the EXPDP command to take a backup of the schema, take the database administrator's help to import the schema by using the IMPDP command.
  2. Restore TrueSight Infrastructure Management to the previous functioning version.



If you have accessed TrueSight Infrastructure Management by using the Report user, you have read-only access to the Oracle database. The Report user does not have any objects that are available for a backup.

Microsoft .NET Framework prerequisites 

On the existing Infrastructure Management Server that has Microsoft Windows as the operating system, ensure that Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.0 is installed as it is required to use the SCOM adapter. During the upgrade, an error message is displayed if Microsoft .NET Framework is not installed. 

To install .NET Framework on Windows 2008, use the Role Management tool. For more information about how to install the .NET Framework, see the Microsoft web site.


The installation of .NET Framework might take several minutes to complete.

Where to go next

For prerequisites specific to Infrastructure Management Server upgrade, see Prerequisites for Infrastructure Management Server upgrade.

For prerequisites specific to Integration Service, see Prerequisites for Integration Service and Remote cell upgrade.


  1. This should state that the BMC TrueSight Presentatoin Server needs to be running 10.7.00 Version before upgrading the TSIM server.

    • Ensure that BMC TrueSight Presentation Server is installed.