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Brief introduction to the TrueSight Operations Management solution

This documentation space provides the information that you need to deploy and configure the TrueSight Operations Management solution. The TrueSight Operations Management solution comprises the component products described in the following table. Depending on your licensing, you might be entitled to download some or all of these products. For more information about the component products and their functional architecture, see TrueSight Operations Management overview and TrueSight Operations Management architecture. To access the product documentation, select the applicable link in the following table. 

ComponentComponent product description and documentation

TrueSight Presentation Server

Required component for all deployments, the Presentation Server provides the framework and console for all TrueSight Operations Management implementations.

TrueSight Presentation Server

TrueSight App Visibility Manager

A group of components that enables you to monitor application performance and end-user experience. Users access the features of TrueSight App Visibility Manager from the TrueSight console.

TrueSight App Visibility Manager

TrueSight Synthetic Monitor

A component that works with TrueSight App Visibility Manager that enables you to predict application performance by monitoring synthetic transactions.

TrueSight Synthetic Monitor overview

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

A component that enables IT Operations to monitor and manage the infrastructure or aid in the troubleshooting of outages.

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition

A component that enables you to monitor the real end-user experience. Users access the features of the component through the Real User Analyzer user interface, but can view real end-user experience metrics from dashboards in the TrueSight console. 

BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition

Solution features

Following installation of the TrueSight Presentation Server and your entitled component products, the TrueSight console provides access to the component features that enable the solutions's core use cases.


Deployment documentation organization

The TrueSight Operations Management Deployment documentation enables new and experienced solution administrators to implement the solution. 

Release notes and notices

Changes, enhancements, and open issues that affect installing and upgrading the solution components

You can set up a watch on this page to be notified about the latest information and documentation updates about deploying the solution and its component products.

Getting startedOverview of the solution and its functional architecture, as well as the functional architecture of the individual components
PlanningInformation that you need to know to prepare your environment for deploying the solution, including deployment architecture and best practices
InstallingProcedures that describe how to install and configure the component products
UpgradingProcedures and guidelines that describe how to upgrade or migrate from earlier versions of the solution's component products
IntegratingProcedures that describe how to install and configure products that extend the features of the TrueSight Operations Management solution
TroubleshootingInformation to help you identify and resolve problems associated with installing or upgrading the solution
FAQs and additional resourcesAnswers to questions about how to use this online documentation and directs you to other resources for getting information about installing and upgrading this solution.

To work offline, you can download an Adobe Acrobat PDF of this documentation from the PDFs and videos page.

Using the solution

Following the installation and initial configuration of the solution, administrators and users of the solution can access the product documentation from the following links:


TrueSight App Visibility Manager

TrueSight Synthetic Monitor

TrueSight Infrastructure Management



Related solution documentation

The following illustration shows the documentation available for the TrueSight Operations Management solution and provides links to the documentation. You can access a documentation space by clicking the corresponding box or use the search boxes to locate a specific topic. 


The TrueSight Operations Management solution comprises several component products. Your licensing determines the products that you are entitled to download and install. Documentation for each component product is available in a separate documentation space in the BMC Online Documentation Portal.

Use the search boxes to search the documentation sets that compose the TrueSight Operations Management solution.