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This section details how to migrate your existing KB to the latest standard 10.7 KB.


You must migrate and merge your KB only if the KB and the mcell.conf file located at MCELL_HOME\etc\cellName\ contain any customizations.

Your existing KB might contain customizations, such as class definitions and rules that are unique to your environment, so you must migrate and merge these customizations with the new 10.7 standard KB. After you merge your KB, it contains the following components:

  • Definitions from your existing KB
  • New definitions from the latest KB

You must do this merger before you start the server upgrade because the upgrade process requires the KB to be current. You must migrate every KB in your Infrastructure Management implementation. The migration process is a combination of several configuration steps.

What to do next

Migrate your KB by using the mmigrate utility. For more information, see Using the mmigrate utility.


  1. How about adding the mmigrate command with the -ap option to this page to avoid confusion.  Sending us from here to the generic mmigrate utility doesn't really indicate well, which options to use specifically for the migration of the pncell.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Michael. We are working on this document and will let you know when we update it.