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After you upgrade BMC Event and Impact Management to Infrastructure Management version 10.7, BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server might be connected to BMC Event and Impact Management or BMC Service Impact Manager cells that were previously used for event and service monitoring and management. 

When an administrator logs on to Infrastructure Management and tries to perform operations on events originating from these older cells, some operations might be disabled. 

To remedy this effect, perform the following tasks:

  1. Log on to Infrastructure Management as an administrator.
  2. In the administration console, create the Full Access user group.
  3. Associate the Super Admin role to the Full Access user group.
  4. Add the TSIM Administrators user group to all the .mrl files of Knowledge Bases (KBs) in the remote cells.
  5. Recompile and reload these cells.
    The administrator user will now be able to perform operations on all events originating from the BMC Event and Impact Management and BMC Service Impact Manager cells. For more information about user management, see Managing users with configuration item-based access control.


    Infrastructure Management is compatible with remote Impact Manager of versions earlier than 9.5.00, but BMC recommends that you upgrade your remote Impact Manager to BMC Impact Manager 9.5.00.