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This section provides best practices for the upgrade and migration of Infrastructure Management to version 10.7. This section covers two methods to move from earlier versions to version 10.7:

  • Directly upgrade each TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server to version 10.7
  • Migrate from the old TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers and install new 10.7 servers and Integration Services, upgrading the agents, transferring the agents to the new server(s), and then decommissioning the old servers

The first major decision you have to make is whether to upgrade the existing TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server(s) or whether to migrate the monitored environment to Infrastructure Management 10.7 instead.

Best Practice

Complete a health check. Get help from BMC upgrade experts through the AMIGO program and upgrade or migrate only after they confirm that your environment is ready. For information about the AMIGO program, see AMIGO checklist for TrueSight Operations Management

Upgrade process

  1. Run the Infrastructure Management 10.7 installer on existing TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers.
  2. Install and configure new Integration Service 10.7 nodes.
  3. Point the PATROL Agents to the new Infrastructure Management 10.7 environment when the agents are upgraded. 

Migration process

  1. Install and configure new 10.7 TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers and Integration Service nodes.
  2. Configure the PATROL Agents to connect to the new Infrastructure Management 10.7 environment when you upgrade the agents. 

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