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The adapter configuration is contained in a list of parameters that are recorded in the adapter definition in the mcxa.conf file. You can configure an adapter by specifying values for that adapter's parameters. For information about configuring an adapter definition, see Adapter configuration tasks.

Each adapter has unique parameters that apply only to that instance of the parameter. These parameters are listed under the description for each parameter type in IP Adapter types.

In addition, global and common parameters also determine the configuration of an adapter parameter instance (where instance-specific parameters do not override them).

The global parameters that affect IP Adapters are as follows:

  • EngineMgrName
  • PollInterval
  • TraceFile
  • TraceLevel
  • TraceSizeCount
  • TraceSizeMax
  • TraceSizePeriod

The common parameters that affect IP Adapters are as follows:

  • MapFile
  • MapFunctionsName
  • MapUseDefaultClass
  • ServerName