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The following architecture diagram depicts the basic BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager. For information about other deployment scenarios, see Deployment use cases and best practices in BMC TrueSight Operations Management Deployment.

Operations Management basic deployment for App Visibility Manager core components


Core components for BMC TrueSight Operations Management products

The TrueSight Operations Management solution provides the interface for monitoring data from product components, such as TrueSight Infrastructure Management and TrueSight App Visibility Manager. Authentication and permissions are provided by Atrium Single Sign-On. The following table describes the purpose of each core component.


Presentation Server

The TrueSight Presentation Server hosts the web-based TrueSight console functions and consumes data from various TrueSight products to provide a consolidated set of views for monitoring the infrastructure, real and synthetic applications, and capacity planning. In addition to data presentation, the Presentation Server performs functions such as role-based access control and data management functions such as storage and persistence.

Presentation server overview
TrueSight console

The TrueSight console is hosted on the Presentation Server.

System administrators use the TrueSight console to configure the Presentation Server, to connect to the data providers, and to integrate with other products and components. System administrators can also use the TrueSight console to view the users and user groups defined in the Atrium SSO Admin Console.

IT Operations and other specialists use the TrueSight console to monitor applications, events, and devices, or to diagnose problems.

TrueSight console overview

Atrium SSO Admin ConsoleSystem administrators use the Atrium SSO Admin Console to  manage users and manage user groups , which are viewable in the TrueSight console. BMC Atrium Single Sign-On 9.0

BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager components

BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager enables application monitoring so that IT Operations can proactively detect and isolate application performance issues from the end-user perspective before they negatively impact business reputation and revenue.



App Visibility Server

The App Visibility Server comprises an App Visibility portal, one or more App Visibility collectors, and, optionally, one or more App Visibility proxies.

Installing the App Visibility server components
  • App Visibility portal

The App Visibility portal manages App Visibility collectors, the App Visibility proxy, and App Visibility agents. The App Visibility portal communicates with the associated App Visibility collectors to gather the application data to be sent to the Presentation Server and viewed in the TrueSight console.

App Visibility can send events either to a cell on the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server or to a Remote Cell.

  • App Visibility collector

The App Visibility collector receives data from one or more App Visibility agents. The App Visibility collector stores the information for the application that is monitored by the App Visibility agent. Each App Visibility collector has its own database, where all information is saved.

  • App Visibility proxy
(Optional) The App Visibility proxy receives and processes end-user experience data so that you can see end-to-end transaction time and availability, and browser page performance and availability on your web application. In the TrueSight console, IT Operations can examine end-user data through the User tier in the Application View. 
App Visibility agent

An App Visibility agent captures a sample of the transactions that have latency violations or errors. The captured data and the metrics data for the application server are sent to the App Visibility collector.

The following agents are available:

  • The App Visibility agent for Java captures information about application transactions from an application server Java virtual machine (JVM). 
  • The App Visibility agent for .NET captures information about application transactions from Internet Information Services (IIS) worker processes.

Through instrumentation by the App Visibility agents, the App Visibility proxy processes end-user performance and availability data and events. If users experience long transaction time, problematic AJAX requests, or errors, an event is sent to App Visibility Manager.

Installing an App Visibility agent for Java

Installing an App Visibility agent for .NET