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This site,, will be inaccessible for two hours starting at 8 AM CDT, Sunday, September 22, for a platform upgrade.

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    Fix Packs do not contain all of the files that are required for a complete product installation. Fix Packs are cumulative and contain all updates released prior to the Fix Pack.

    Before you install the Fix Pack, you must have previously installed the base version of the product.


    The 10.7 Fix Pack 2 includes the following cumulative hotfixes:

    • TrueSight Presentation Server
      • Hotfixes on 10.7.00 →
      • Hotfixes on (Fix Pack 1) →
    • TrueSight Infrastructure Management

    If you have already installed a hotfix later than these versions on a product, do not install 10.7 Fix Pack 2 on that product.


    ProductVersion required
    TrueSight Presentation Server10.7.00 or

    TrueSight Infrastructure Management components

    10.7.00 or

    Known and corrected issues

    For information about issues corrected in this Fix Pack, see:

    • Known and corrected issues - Presentation Server
    • Known and corrected issues - Infrastructure Management
    • Known and corrected issues - App Visibility Manager defect ID TOM-36877

    Installing the Fix Pack


    Before applying this fix pack, BMC recommends that you create a full backup of your TrueSight servers (Atrium Single Sign-On, Presentation Server, Infrastructure Management, and Integration Service.)

    Installing the Fix Pack 2 for TrueSight Operations Management 10.7 consists of the following steps:

    1. Prepare for the installation of the Fix Pack.
    2. Install Fix Pack 2 ( for TrueSight Presentation Server 10.7.00.
    3. Install Fix Pack 2 ( for TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.7.00.

    To apply Fix Pack 2, install all the above components in the recommended sequence.

    Step 1: Download the Fix Pack

    The following table provides links to the pages in the EPD website that contain the installation files for this fix pack. From the EPD page, you can select and download the installation files for your platform. Access to the EPD website requires that you provide your BMC Support credentials. You might also be prompted to complete the Export Compliance Form.

    ComponentEPD linkComment
    TrueSight Presentation Server Version 10.7.00 - Fix Pack 2

    TrueSight Presentation Server Patches

    Installation files for the TrueSight Presentation Server 
    TrueSight Infrastructure Management Version 10.7.00 - Core Components - Fix Pack 2

    TrueSight Infrastructure Management Patches

    Installation files for the TrueSight Infrastructure Management components 
    TrueSight Infrastructure Management Version 10.7.00 - Extensions for Atrium CMDB - Fix Pack 2

    TrueSight Infrastructure Management Patches

    Installation files for BMC CMDB Extensions

    Step 2: Install the Fix Pack on the Presentation Server
    Step 3: Install the Fix Pack on the Infrastructure Management components


    1. FP1 identifies all of the TSOM components - FP2 only identifies some TSOM components.  does it matter if i don't upgrade some TSOM components to FP1 before moving TSPS and TSIM to FP2?

      1. Hello Michael,

        I suppose you mean the App Visibility components? You can upgrade TSPS and TSIM to FP2 and then upgrade the App Visibility components to FP1, to ensure there are no compatibility issues.

        Sara Kamen please comment on this.

        1. The latest fix pack for App Visibility Manager 10.7 is Fix Pack 1 (

          I added a link to Known and corrected issues - App Visibility Manager defect ID TOM-36877, which requires both App Visibility Fix Pack 1 and TrueSight Presentation Server Fix Pack 2.



    2. Some of the HA links on this page are pointing back to 10.5 doc, although 10.7 pages do exist.

      1. Hi George,

        Thanks for letting us know. The links are fixed now.