TrueSight Cloud Cost Service is a cloud-based digital platform that tracks cost utilization and expenditure by collecting, organizing, and analyzing high volumes of volatile IT business data, in real time, to meet the demands of web-scale IT. Complete and accurate analysis empower IT operations to make fast, data-driven decisions that support continuous digital service improvement and innovation.

Release information

This topic provides information about what is new or changed in TrueSight Cloud Cost Service, including known and corrected issues.


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Initial Release

TrueSight Cloud Cost Service analyses data and gives concise assessments for cost, resources and cloud service usage, as well as recommendations for increasing cost utility.

The following features are available in this release of TrueSight Cloud Cost Service:



Data collection

Cost evaluation

TrueSight Cloud Cost analyses the collected data and gives detailed evaluations of expenditure using graphical representations of cost, resources and budget utilization.

For more details, refer to Navigating the Dashboard.

Data filtering

The TrueSight Cloud Cost Explorer enables you to filter data based on metadata related to specific resources (Account Name, Cloud Service, Cost, Region) represented as condition-and-value pairs.

For more information regarding data filtering, see Navigating the Dashboard.

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