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  1. excelente interface de búsqueda y organización, gracias por la actualización.

    excellent interface for searching and organizing, thanks for the update.

  2. Nice work appreciate it

  3. Hello,


    I don't see the parameter list for BMC Performance Manager Express for Web Application Servers 2.9.30. Can you add it?



  4. Hello,

    I found in the internet an interesting manual labeled Patrol Parameter Reference.  Its content is a simple collection of all parameters independently of the source with short description .  It is useful and helps to set up a baroc file to translate all parameters in a understandable language  to the operator/analyst that will receive the alerts.

    Would be possible have this manual added in this page?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Thanks, Marilda.  

      Can I request you to send it to me at kalashree_shivanna@bmc.com? Let me take a look and see how we can proceed.

  5. Hi ya,

    there are some issues with the BMC PATROL for Microsoft SQL Server 9.6.00 documents: -

    • the CSV link downloads an .xlsx file
    • the HTML link downloads an .htm file which refers elsewhere (i.e. empty)

    Apart from that, it's nice to have all the documents here in one place (smile)

    1. Hello Tom,

      I have uploaded the .csv and .html formats of the Microsoft SQL Server 9.6.00 PRD. Thank you for your patience.


  6. Hello,

    The "BMC PATROL Knowledge Module for UNIX 9.13.00" csv version is a 9.12 Excel file.

    Can you please upload the 9.13 csv version ?

    Regards, Guillaume

  7. Excellent work by you people as there is no need to refer all the locations and no need to search individually.. really appreciable team effort.

    1. Thanks for the note, Sabari. I am glad you find this useful.  


  9. The Parameter Reference Database documents look like old wine in the new bottle. When you open the document for the latest version, it still shows 2 or 3 releases behind. Please update the documents with the latest enhancements.



    1. Hi Vadivel,

      Which product PRD are you referring to?


      1. Hi, just check BMC Patrol for Oracle. 

        1. Hi Vadivel,

          I have updated the BMC PATROL for Oracle v9.7.00 PRD.


          1. Thanks Shashi.



  10. I am not seeing anything for the Application Management KM 10.0 or 10.1





  13. I can not find any link for Hyper-V monitoring.

    1. Hi Sonali,

      Hyper-V is a part of PATROL Knowledge Module for Windows. Please check the PRD of Microsoft Windows KM (Serial number 62 in the table).


  14. Hi Shweta,


    Thanks for consolidating PRD info. in one place.

    Can you please upload PRD for Sentry Hardware Analyzer & Storage Analyzer ?




    1. Hi Pawan,

      We are working on this request. Meanwhile, you can refer https://www.sentrysoftware.com/files/SUPPORT/ParameterList/ for the parameter information. 


  15. Hi Shweta,

    Do you have something for MYSQL Server monitoring??

    1. Hi Avneesh,

      Currently, we do not have any Knowledge Module that supports MySQL Server monitoring.


  16. Hello, the Patrol for AIX 1.1.10 csv format is messed up

    1. Thank you for pointing this out, Baron. Can you please check if the format is okay now? I have updated the file. 


      1. Hello, there are carriage returns in field "Description" which make parsing difficult.

        1. Okay. Let me look into the issue. Will check the issue and respond asap. 


        2. Hi Baron,

          I have updated the file. Can you please check the file now? Apologies for the inconvenience caused. 


          1. Hello,

            line 4 has last columns that begins with a double quote and line 6 begins with a double quote.

            same for line 202-204 and 208-210

            An extra carriage return line 79, 194

  17. Hello,

    CSV format for "Patrol for Linux" 1.2.00 is wrong.

    It contains carriage returns in field "Description"

    1. Thank you, Baron. We will make the corrections in AIX and Linux PRD and upload it as soon as possible. 


  18. The exported data needs to include a KPI indicator for each parameter showing if it is a KPI or not.

  19. Where is the WebLogic 3.1 KM ?

    1. Thank you for pointing this out, Hutson. We will look into the issue and provide an update soon.


  20. I exported a CSV file format of the Siebel KM from the PRD and noticed that it has duplicated every parameter in the CSV file.  This does not seem to be case when I generate a PDF file format.  Shweta, can you please take a look at this?  Thanks, Taylor


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