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The onboarding solution provides an end-to-end employee onboarding experience that simplifies onboarding new employees and provides a smooth onboarding experience. 

With the onboarding solution, you can standardize the onboarding process with prepopulated onboarding case templates that outline the tasks for new hires and the internal functions, such as HR, Facilities, and IT. You can ensure that the new hire is set up for success from the point that the onboarding process is triggered to preboarding, day one, and day in the new hire's life.

The completion of tasks and their handover to different teams is orchestrated through BMC Helix, enabling integration with other HCM systems. The solution gives the hiring manager visibility to the entire process and allows the HR operation team a single pane of glass from which to view all onboarding tasks and their status.

Some of the benefits of the onboarding solution are:

  • Provides a clear, consistent, and seamless onboarding experience
  • Automates HR and other inter-department processes 
  • Integrates with lines of business as well as other peripheral systems
  • New hire portal for pre-boarding engagements
  • Provides access and control to multiple requests in a single pane of glass

Onboarding Portal and New Hire Portal

The following image provides information about the portals:

Onboarding process

The onboarding solution automatically transitions a new hire user to a new employee on the joining date of the new hire. When a new hire joins the company, the new hire automatically transitions to becoming an employee. The employee then does not need to engage with the New Hire Portal because all their interactions and day one tasks are available to them through the regular employee portal.

The onboarding process for a new hire includes the following steps:

Raising a request
  1. An Onboarding Manager raises a request by using the web API or the catalog item in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog.
  2. The hiring manager views the request and starts working on the request.
Sharing external portal link with new hire
  1. A link is sent to the new hire to access the New Hire Portal.
Creation of tasks
  1. Onboarding flows create tasks for internal departments including to-dos for new hires.
  1. A new hire completes the preboarding tasks in the New Hire Portal.
Day 1: Transition to employee
  1. On the joining date, access to the New Hire Portal is automatically revoked and access is provided to the HR Portal or the employee portal.
  2. The external record of the new hire is deleted from the people record in BMC Helix ITSM.
  3. The to-dos from the New Hire Portal are moved to the employee profile.
Induction: Day in the life of an employee
  1. The new employee continues with the induction phase from the joining date to a month after joining.

Surveys are available for the onboarding manager and the candidate at the end of the process to provide feedback about any required improvement for HR and other internal teams.

Integration with third-party systems

Out of the box, web API is provided to raise onboarding requests. You can use the API and connect to a third-party tool, such as a Human Resource Content Management system to trigger onboarding process.