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The Onboarding Portal is a single-point hiring and onboarding experience center for hiring and recruitment managers.

Recruitment managers and hiring managers with the Onboarding Manager role can raise an onboarding request from BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced by using the Onboarding Request catalog item, or by using the web API call.

The Onboarding Manager can then track, view, and update the requests in the Onboarding Portal.

The following image shows the Onboarding Portal and the various elements in the portal:

This image shows the Onboarding Portal and the various elements in the portal

#UI elementDescription
1Requests in progress

Tasks for the onboarding request are activated in this stage.

2Upcoming requestsRequests for which the onboarding process hasn't started yet. The process remains in a wait state till the lead time is reached. Lead time is a predefined number of days before the joining date. The default lead time is 14 days.
3Recently completed requestsAll completed, canceled, and closed requests in the last 30 days.
4Search bar

Search the onboarding requests by using the following fields:

  • Service Request ID (SR ID)
  • Case Display ID
  • New hire full name
  • New hire job title
  • Job requisition ID
  • New hire joining site
  • New hire personal email
5Toggle buttonAllows hiring and recruitment managers to switch between grid and card layout.