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An Onboarding Manager can cancel onboarding requests from the Onboarding Portal. The Onboarding Manager can cancel an onboarding request on or before the joining date of a new hire. Activity notes are added to the onboarding request when the request is canceled.

When an onboarding request is canceled, the following events occur:

  • Notifications are automatically sent to the hiring manager and recruitment manager.
  • In progress or assigned (active) tasks are canceled. Corresponding assignee groups and assignees are notified about the cancelation of the onboarding request. It is the responsibility of the assignee of assignee group to roll back the tasks that are started.


    If IT assets are shipped for a new hire, and the request for onboarding the new hire is canceled, the assignee group or assignee for that onboarding request must manually cancel the request for IT assets.

To cancel an onboarding request

  1. On the Onboarding Portal, click , and select Cancel request.
  2. Specify the reason for cancelation.
  3. Click Save.