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Review the HR Service Management enhancements and patches for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.



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22.1.05(tick)(tick)Known and corrected issues22.1.05 enhancements
Known and corrected issues22.1 enhancements

BMC applies upgrades as described in BMC Helix Upgrade policy Open link . BMC applies upgrades and patches during

(On premises only) Downloading and installing the patch

Learn how to download and install the patch in the following topics in the BMC Helix IT Service Management online documentation:

  • Downloading the installation files Open link
  • Installing Open link

SaaS application patching

BMC applies patches during Maintenance windows Open link .

22.1.05 enhancements

The following image shows the in progress and upcoming requests in the Onboarding Portal:

Raise and manage onboarding requests for new hires in the Onboarding Portal

As a hiring or recruitment manager for your company, raise, track, and manage onboarding requests for new hires from the Onboarding Portal.

In the Onboarding Portal, a hiring or recruitment manager can complete the following actions:

  • Add a buddy for a new hire
  • Modify joining date
  • Add activity notes
  • Change hiring and recruitment manager
  • Request hardware and software for a new hire

Learn more about tracking and managing onboarding requests in Onboarding Portal.

Complete new hire tasks from the New Hire Portal

A new employee can access the New Hire Portal from a link that is shared with the employee in an email and complete preboarding formalities.

The new employee can view and complete to-dos that are part of the preboarding formalities. The employee can also add comments to the tasks to interact with the team through the portal.

Learn more about new hire tasks in New Hire Portal.

The following image shows the New Hire Portal:

Create and assign to-dos to end-users to resolve cases quickly and efficiently

To-dos are types of tasks that are assigned to case agents or end users to complete certain activities or steps in a task. Case business analysts create and add to-dos in BMC Helix Business Workflows, and case agents assign to-dos to users.

To-dos are also automatically assigned to new employees when hiring or recruitment managers create onboarding requests for the employee, and these to-dos are visible in the New Hire Portal.

Learn more about to-dos in To-dos Open link .

Use out-of-the-box content use case for onboarding

Use the onboarding use case in HR Service Management to set up the onboarding solution for your HR line of business.

The content use case contains case templates, corresponding task templates, Flowsets, task categories, named lists, and template mapping that's required to create onboarding requests and manage new hire tasks.

Learn more about the content use cases in Setting up the onboarding solution


Watch the following video (3:31) for an overview about the new features in HR Service Management 22.1.05:

22.1 enhancements

Request HR services, track service requests, and search for knowledge articles through HR Portal

Employees can request information and services directly from HR Portal. They can use the knowledgesearch capabilities and the integrated knowledge base in the portal to manage and track queries.

Using BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog, an administrator can configure the HR Service Management catalog. The administrator can also customize the portal for branding and provision information in that portal that is tailored for the employee needs.

Learn more about searching for knowledge articles in  Knowledge management Open link .

Out-of-the-box content solution

Out-of-the box content packages are provided to implement services easily. You can customize and personalize the packages to fit your organization’s needs. Content packages provide flexible and powerful ways to enhance and extend capabilities. The content packages contain case and task templates, task bundles, use case specific forms, fields, approvals, notifications, record definitions that you can customize for your requirements.

Learn more about the content packages in Out-of-the-box content packs for HR Portal.

The following image shows the Employee Document Management console that opens in a different tab:

Employee Document Management

Employee Document Management is an out-of-the-box feature for filing, organizing, retaining, and maintaining employee documents while remaining compliant. It provides the ability to set document retention rules to support legal regulations.

With a built-in support for automated file deletion post retention period expiry, Employee Document Management helps maintain compliance and secure document access by defining access permissions.

Two new roles are introduced for Employee Document Management: Employee Document Config and Employee Document User. Users with the Employee Document Config user can define document categories, access policies, and retention policies. Users with the Employee Document User role can add or move documents to the employee file.

Learn more about employee document management in  Getting started with Employee Document Management Open link .


Watch the following video (5:21) for an overview about HR Service Management: