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BMC HR Case Management is based on the BMC Remedy Action Request System. The application data is stored in the BMC Remedy AR System database.

The HR personnel access BMC HR Case Management by using their browser through the BMC Remedy AR System Mid Tier server. A special visualization plugin is deployed on the mid tier and is used to graphically represent cases, tasks, workflows, and solution questionnaires.




HR specialists can also use their browser to connect to Smart Reporting in order to view and create reports related to BMC HR Case Management.

By using BMC MyIT, self-service users can search the HR knowledge base, request HR related services and approve HR cases. A new set of adapters for BMC HR Case Management are now included in BMC MyIT 3.2. This set of adapters is used for searching the HR knowledge base, showing the HR catalog items, requesting HR services and creating HR cases.

The BMC Remedy AR System based BMC HR Case Management  uses a filter plugin to broadcast HR related announcements to self-service users through the BMC MyIT.

The ICS plugin is another filter plugin that is used to generate iCalendar meeting requests to other internet users via email. iCalendar is used and supported by a large number of products, including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

The Designer plugin is responsible for generating the object graph used by the mid tier visualization plugin to generate the cases, tasks, workflows, and solution questionnaires.