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The broadcasts feature in BMC HR Case Management enables HR agents to send messages to all employees of a company. For example, you need  to recruit a very skilled employee, and you want to announce that a bonus is granted for an effective recommendation. Previously, you would have to write an email and send it to all employees in the company.  With BMC HR Case Management, you can create a broadcast - a message displayed in BMC MyIT Universal Client, and available to all employees in the company. The broadcast is also posted to each  HR agent's Messages tab. 


You cannot delete or update a broadcast after you create it.

To add a broadcast

  1. From the BMC HR Case Management home page, click Actions > Add Broadcast.
  2. In the Add Broadcast dialog box, complete the following fields:
    • Broadcast Name – Unique name for the broadcast message.

    • Start Date – The date the message is to be sent. (The default is the current date.)

    • End Date – The date to end the broadcast.
                          The broadcast is not displayed after the time range expires.

    • Broadcast Content – The text of the message.

  3. Click Save & Close.




    1. Hello, Alexis!

      No, there is no need to configure anything in MyIT.

      If you have trouble viewing the broadcasts in MyIT, probably you a new MyIT user. You will not be able to view the broadcasts that were created before your first login to MyIT. You will be able to see only those broadcasts that were added after your first login to the MyIT.