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The Community Edition of BMC Atrium Discovery is a version of BMC Atrium Discovery which is available for download. The community edition may be used to scan up to 60 devices in your production environment. When more than 60 inferred nodes have been created in the data store, you cannot create any new discovery runs and discovery is disabled. This prevents any accidental breach of the license agreement.

You are periodically reminded of the terms of this agreement by a pop up dialog. The dialog may be dismissed by clicking the Close button.

The dialog provides the following links:

  • Forums - opens the Community Forums.
  • Leave Feedback - opens an online survey which gives you the opportunity to provide feedback on BMC Atrium Discovery Community Edition.
  • Terms and Conditions - opens a page which shows the license terms of the Community Edition.

Additional limitations

In addition to the limitation on discovery, the following features are disabled:

  • Integration SDKs and Export CSV, XML
  • Productised Integrations
  • Single Sign On
  • Multi-Appliance Consolidation
  • Mainframe discovery
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