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This Node Lifecycle Document (NLD) is intended for customers and partners of BMC Software and Integrations Developers to help you understand the BMC Atrium Discovery node lifecycle. This document details the internal components of BMC Atrium Discovery, the data model (for example, how virtualization hosts are modeled), and how to extend the data model. It is a good reference guide for integrating BMC Atrium Discovery with other systems.

The prerequisite for understanding the content in this document is basic familiarity with BMC Atrium Discovery, and the document should be used in conjunction with the BMC Atrium Discovery User guide, Configuration guide, and the Using the Search and Reporting service.

  • For a summary description of the BMC Atrium Discovery data model, see Model Summary.
  • For a diagram of the BMC Atrium Discovery data model and an overview of the node kinds, see The default data model.
  • The Key and Name attributes are described in How Nodes are Identified.
  • Information about the different methods which can be used to remove inferred nodes is described in How nodes are removed.
  • An overview of Relationships and how they work is detailed in Relationships.
  • For information about attachments, see Attachments.
  • For information about partitions and history, see Partitions and History.

The document includes sections specific to the available node types:

The nodes are described in terms of their attributes, relationships and lifecycle.
Nodes can also be created by a user; some of their attributes and relationships are only populated by the user through the User Interface. These specific instances are noted in the documentation.

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