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    The BMC Atrium Discovery Getting Started guide is intended for anyone who is starting to evaluate, use, or deploy BMC Atrium Discovery or BMC Atrium Discovery Community Edition. It describes the Community Edition of BMC Atrium Discovery, how to log into and begin using BMC Atrium Discovery, how to set up and run a virtual machine installation of BMC Atrium Discovery, and deployment considerations.


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    Learn the basics of the BMC Atrium Discovery product and discovery service.

    Introduction to Discovery

    Understand key concepts and core functionality so that you can begin using discovery right away

    Get up and running and scan up to 60 devices in your production environment.

    The Community Edition

    Deploy BMC Atrium Discovery for baseline projects using a free version of the product ready to use out of the box

    Install, set up, and run a BMC Atrium Discovery virtual machine.

    The BMC Atrium Discovery Virtual Appliance

    Run BMC Atrium Discovery for production as well as for testing and validation

    Perform an initial scan, configure credentials, and install Windows proxies.

    Using BMC Atrium Discovery

    Quickly perform scans with credentials on both UNIX and Windows systems to perform more detailed analysis

    Use BMC Atrium Discovery to map software applications that span multiple hosts.

    Deployment Considerations

    Optimize the configuration, operation, and the quality of the discovered data

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