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Typically, when you want to enable additional users to access BMC Atrium Discovery, you should log in as a user with the appropriate privileges. By default, in addition to the system user, the following additional users are configured in BMC Atrium Discovery:

  • admin
  • appmodel
  • discovery


Each user has an initial password in BMC Atrium Discovery that is the same as the user name. BMC recommends that you change the password when you first log in as the system user. Not doing so will make it easier for someone to access the BMC Atrium Discovery user interface.

Use the system user only for configuration tasks which require system privileges.

To enable other users

  1. Click the Administration tab.
  2. In the Security section of the Administration page, click the Users icon.
  3. For each user, click the Set Password link.
  4. On the Set Password page, enter the new password in each text entry field and click Apply.
  5. After you have changed the passwords for each user, log off from the system user account by clicking the logout icon at the top right of the page.
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