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    This section introduces the main system level differences between BMC Discovery versions before 11.3 and version 11.3 running on CentOS 6, and how those changes affect BMC Discovery users. If you have upgraded to version 11.3, your appliance is running on CentOS 6.

    Which CentOS version is my appliance using?

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    To determine whether your appliance is running on CentOS 6 or CentOS 7, check the footer of any UI page. The BMC Discovery version number, build number, and OS version are provided on the bottom line.

    Alternatively, from the command line, enter:

    tideway@appliance01 ~]$ cat /etc/centos-release

    • For CentOS 6 the output begins:
      CentOS release 6.x
    • For CentOS 7 the output begins:
      CentOS Linux release 7.x

    Appliances upgraded to 11.3 - CentOS 6

    Service control

    All of the BMC Discovery application services in 11.3 on CentOS 6 are controlled using the tw_service_control utility. For complete information on its usage, see the tw_service_control documentation. The tw_service_control utility enables you to start and stop individual application services, such as the Application Server service or the External API service, or all services as one, which is the equivalent of the tideway service in versions before 11.3.

    In CentOS 6, the only services that require you to use system level commands to control them are clusteromniNames, and occasionally, httpd. The appliance service still exists, but is only used by the system at boot. 

    In an 11.2 appliance you would restart the security service using:

    $ sudo /sbin/service tideway restart security

    On an 11.3 appliance running on CentOS 6, you should enter:

    $ tw_service_control --restart security

    Or to restart all services (the equivalent of the tideway service in release before 11.3), you should enter:

    $ tw_service_control --restart

    The tideway service still exists, though you should use the tw_service_control utility.

    If you have scripts that interact with BMC Discovery services

    If you have written scripts to interact with BMC Discovery services, you should modify those scripts to use the tw_service_control utility. 

    Apache changes

    BMC Discovery uses the Apache web server. In 11.3 appliances running on CentOS 6, the Apache version is still 2.2.

    Apache configuration management

    Atrium SSO no longer supported

    Integration with BMC Atrium Single Sign-On was deprecated in BMC Discovery 11.0 and has been removed. You should use the integration with Remedy Single Sign-On.

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