This documentation relates to the latest released version of BMC Discovery.
See the information on this topic for versions 11.2 or 11.1.

You add credentials from the Manage > Credentials page:


You can add the following credentials:

  • Unix Host
  • Windows Host
  • Active Directory
  • Device 
  • Database
  • Cloud Provider
  • Web API
  • Other

To add a credential, select the type of credential you want to add from the Add menu. The Add credential page is displayed. The Add credential page enables you to enter general details for the credential, and depending on the credential type, and additional parameters. For example, for a UNIX host, you can specify an ssh key to use for authentication, a username/password combination for escalated privileges, or enable session logging. If you add an exception for matching IP addresses, the label of the credentials is updated with the exception.

You can add device credentials for any of your devices by using the following procedures:







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