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This documentation relates to the latest released version of BMC Discovery.
See the information on this topic for 11.0 or see the documentation on 10.2.

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Ready-made PDF of this space

The following table provides ready-made PDF that contain snapshots of the content in this space. 

Version 11.111 Nov 201626.1 MB
Version 11.01 Mar 201625.0 MB


The following table lists topics that contain videos that supplement the text-based documentation.

Version 11.1 videos
Integrating with BMC Remedy Single Sign-On05:42


This video explains how to integrate with BMC Remedy Single Sign-On in version 11.1.

Removing nodes and creating rules in visualizations



This video explains how to remove nodes and create rules in visualizations in version 11.1.

Managing related, removed, and suppressed nodes in visualizations03:27


This video helps you to understand how to manage related, removed, and suppressed nodes in visualizations in version 11.1.

What’s new: Resyncing a CMDB connection04:15


This video explains what's new in resyncing a CMDB connection in BMC Discovery version 11.1.

BMC Discovery 11.1 What’s new: VMware vCenter Server polling



This video explains how to configure and use the vCenter Server polling feature of BMC Discovery version 11.1.

Version 11.0 videos
Navigating the new UI 04:01


This video explains how to navigate through the new UI in BMC Discovery 11.0.

Credentials enhancements04:20


This video helps you to understand what’s changed in the Credentials feature of BMC Discovery in version 11.0.

BMC Discovery integration with LDAP



This video demonstrates the integration of BMC Discovery 11.0 with LDAP using Microsoft Active Directory LDAP as an example.

Introduction to start anywhere application modeling03:49


This video provides an introduction to Start anywhere application modeling, introduced in BMC Discovery in version 11.0.

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