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This documentation relates to the latest released version of BMC Discovery.
See the information on this topic for versions 11.0 or 10.2.

Discovery Conditions

Discovery Conditions are hints to administrators. They describe configuration issues in an estate that, if resolved, can help BMC Discovery retrieve more detailed or complete data. Doing so improves the view of the estate, so users can act with greater confidence on the knowledge gathered.

The following Discovery Conditions are described in Configipedia:

The following topics are covered in this section:

Viewing all current Discovery Conditions

  1. From the main menu, select Explore > Reports. 
  2. In the Discovery Overview Reports section, select Discovery Conditions Detailed List.

    Discovery Conditions are not logged until a host with the issue is scanned.

Viewing all current Discovery Conditions from a host view

  1. Scroll toward the bottom of the host view to find the Inference section.
  2. If discovery conditions have been logged, they are summarized in the Discovery Conditions section, following the Discovery Access section.

Viewing hosts with Discovery Conditions logged

The following section describes various methods of seeing which hosts have discovery conditions logged against them.

Discovery Condition Detailed List report

This report shows a list of hosts with logged discovery conditions, along with the time the conditions were first logged, sorted so the most recent are at the top. Clicking through will show the Host page. This report is ideal for exporting to CSV to make a task list for resolving the issues.

  1. From the main menu, select Explore > Reports.
  2. In the Discovery Dashboard Reports section, select Discovery Condition Detailed List.

    This report is also available from the Discovery dashboard.

Hosts impacted by Discovery Conditions report

This report shows a detailed list of hosts that have discovery conditions logged. The report is ideal for filtering the selection of hosts on the detailed criteria to prioritize.

  1. From the main menu, select Explore > Reports.
  2. In the Discovery Dashboard Reports section, select Hosts impacted By Discovery Condition.

    This report is also available from the Discovery dashboard.

Understanding Discovery Conditions

Discovery Conditions have the following fields:




Overview of the condition.


Impact of the condition.

BMC Link

Link to online detailed description of the condition and advice about the best way to resolve it.


Short description of the condition.


Short summary of resolution steps.

Vendor Links

Links to vendor descriptions and fixes, if relevant.

Applies to

Link to all hosts impacted by the condition.

The following screen shows an example view of a discovery condition:

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