This documentation refers to a previously released version of BMC Discovery.
See the information on this topic for the latest version (11.3) or version 11.2.

After you have created a cluster, you can access the Cluster Management page and add or remove additional machines to or from the cluster. You can add machines to the cluster only if they are in the default configuration. If an appliance has any changes from the default configuration, you can create a cluster with it as the coordinator, but you cannot add it to an existing cluster without resetting its configuration.

BMC Discovery 11.1 patch 3

BMC Discovery version 11.1 patch 3 resolves some important defects. As a result of those enhancements, an appliance running 11.1 patch 3 cannot join a cluster running 11.1 patch 2 or earlier.

In normal circumstances, all cluster members have the same version. You can upgrade a cluster running any version from 10.1 onwards to 11.1 patch 3.

There is one obscure circumstance in which you may require a new appliance running 11.1 patch 2. If you have a fault tolerant cluster running 11.1 patch 2 (or an earlier patch) and a member has failed, then your cluster is in a degraded state. In that state, you must replace the failed member before you can upgrade the cluster. You cannot replace the failed member with a new appliance running 11.1 patch 3, so you must use an appliance running 11.1 patch 2. Once the cluster has recovered from the failure, it is possible to upgrade the whole cluster to 11.1 patch 3 as usual.

If you are in this situation, and you do not have an image of 11.1 patch 2 with which to replace the failed cluster member, please contact Customer Support. They will provide a suitable download.

To add a machine to an existing cluster

  1. From the main menu, click the Administration Settings icon, and then click Cluster Management in the Appliance section.
  2. On the Cluster Management page, click Add Members.
    The Add Members dialog is displayed.
  3. Enter the IP address or hostname information for the new members to add to the cluster in the Member Addresses field.
    Use one of the following formats:
    • IPv4 address (for example Labeled v4.
    • IPv6 address (for example 2001:500:100:1187:203:baff:fe44:91a0). Labeled v6.
    • Hostname (for example Labeled Hn.
  4. Click Add to add the new member to the cluster.
    This becomes a pending change that must be committed before the member joins the cluster.
  5. Click Commit Changes to add the new member to the cluster.
    The Cluster Management page is refreshed, showing the progress of the member addition.

    The state of the new member is shown as joining. You may see transient errors during this process; for example, the coordinator may attempt to contact a service that has not yet started. These transient errors will clear and can be ignored. If you attempt to log in to a BMC Discovery machine that is joining, an offline page is shown, containing progress messages about the joining process.

To reset the configuration of a machine

  1. From the main menu, click the Administration Settings icon, and then click Cluster Management in the Appliance section.
    Where the machine is in a nondefault configuration, the configuration changes are listed in the Summary pane.
  2. Click Reset Configuration.


    Resetting the configuration of the machine destroys all data held in that machine.

    The services are shut down, and the machine displays the Reset Configuration screen while the reset operation progresses. When complete, the machine displays the login page.

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